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Improvement projects

Improvement projects are about the client communicating the desired outcome and then letting us find a cost effective solution and present an implementation plan. This could be as simple as refurbishing or modifying a current machine or line, or capitalizing a new machine or process within a budget.

We can design and manufacture in house from the ground up, or we have many business partners in Europe that can help with new projects too. Our motto is, If its been built and proven before, why reinvent the wheel.

Option to refurbish and modify machinery can be the preferred cost effective solution rather than the expense of capitalising new equipment.  Maintenance, new tooling, change parts and slight modification are all what may be required to get a machine performing back to spec.

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Example 1 (Trigger Places and Capper)


An existing high speed capping machine was redundant and unused for some years.  A new trigger for the line was put forward and the need for a capping machine was critical for the process.

We reconditioned and modified this machine to suit the new trigger and doubled the output rate of the line.  The line was previously running at 60 units/min and the modified machine was commissioned to 120 units/min.  This project was self funded with increase output together with a reduced labour count.

Example 2 (Tablet Press)


We were asked to find a suitable second hand tablet press for a client.  We advised them of a suitable machine and put together a price to fully strip down and present it as new condition.  Special parts were ordered from overseas and other parts were repaired in house as new.

Example 3 (Pump Placer and Capper)


A second hand pump capping machine was purchased and modified to cap and new style pump.  We reconditioned this second hand unit and modified it to suit the new pump.

This saved on the cost of a new machine and ultimately eliminated 3 people out of the process.

Example 4 (Accumulation Conveyor)


Conveyors in time will wear and the need to replace wear strips, chain, bearings and other components will need to be scheduled.

These jobs can be scheduled on down days and coordinated so it has a minimal impact on production.

Example 5 (Capper Modifcation and Servicing)


 We can fully rebuild, service and modify cappers from Torq, Arol, Zalkin, Rhonki and Corniani.  We can source our parts direct from the manufacturers internationally or use your supplied OEM parts.  

Work can be scheduled for periodic full strip and rebuilds.  In the pictures here, we rebuild this capper annually for the client during their off peak time and down days.


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